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Daily Express 4th February 2011

(07-01-2011) EMI GOLD 50999 0 70039 2 9 3CD album -

Disc 1. 1. *Don't Treat Me Like A Child 2. *You Don't Know 3. *Walkin' Back To Happiness 4. *Tell Me What He Said 5. Let's Talk About Love 6. *Little Miss Lonely 7. *Keep Away From Other Girls 8. *Queen For Tonight 9. *Woe Is Me 10.*Not Responsible 11.*Look Who It Is 12.*Fever 13.*Look Over Your Shoulder 14.*Shop Around 15.*I Wish I'd Never Loved You 16.*Tomorrow Is Another Day 17.*Here In Your Arms *18 Something Wonderful 19.*Forget About The Bad Things 20.*In My Calendar *21. Make Me Belong To You 22.*She Needs Company 23.*When I'm With You 24.*Marvellous Lie 25.*Kiss 'N' Run 26.*I Apologise 27.*I Don't Care 28.*Ole Father Time 29.*Sometime Yesterday 30.*Empty House 31.*I Was Only Kidding

Disc 2. 1.*Tip Toe Through The Tulips 2. After You've Gone 3. Goody Goody 4. Birth Of The Blues 5. I Want To Be Happy 6. Little Devil 7.*Will You Love Me Tomorrow 8. Because They're Young 9.*The Day The Rains Came 10.*Are You Lonesome Tonight 11. A Teenager In Love 12. Lipstick On Your Collar 13.*Beyond The Sea (La Mer) 14. Sweet Nothin's 15. You Mean Ev'rything To Me 16. I Love You 17. You Got What It Takes 18. My Guy 19. All Alone Am I 20. He's A Rebel 21. Move Over Darling 22.*Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 23. Remember Me 24. Walk On By 25. The End Of The World 26. It Might As Well Rain Until September 27. Baby It's You 28. Please Mr Postman 29. It's In His Kiss 30. Stay

Disc 3. 1.*It's My Party 2.*I Cried Myself To Sleep Last Night 3.*Young Stranger 4.*Here Today And Gone Tomorrow 5.*No Trespassing 6.*I'm Tickled Pink 7.*I Walked Right In (With My Eyes Wide Open) 8.*Sweeter Than Sweet 9.*You'd Think He Didn't Know Me 10.*When You Hurt Me I Cry 11. St Louis Blues (2003 Digital Remaster) 12. Blues In The Night 13. A Teenager Sings The Blues 14. Without Your Love 15. Who Is She? 16. Time And Time Again 17. Every One But The Right One 18. It's Alright With Me 19. Basin Street Blues 20. I Believe In Love 21. I Can't Say No To Your Kiss (Take 4 B/D + Take 5 + Studio Conversation) 22. A Dozen Other Boys (Take 4 B/D + Take 5 + Studio Conversation) 23.*You're My Remedy 24.*I'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In) (Take 8) 25.*Just A Line 26.*It's So Funny I Could Cry 27. Frag' Mich Night Warum 28. Parlons D'Amour *29. Stop And You'll Become Aware


The album includes several tracks previously unreleased on CD in the UK

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