The UK Albums 1983-1986

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$(1983) Straighten Up And Fly Right Oval OVLP-507

Side 1: 1.Let yourself go 2.You go to my head 3.The way you look tonight 4.Where or when 5.Straighten up and fly right 6.Cry me a river Side 2: 1.It's all right with me 2.It's only a paper moon 3.Serenade in blue 4.They can't take that away from me 5.Funny

$(1983) Tops with Me/Helen Hits Out EMI-1546343 cassette EDP-1546351

EDP1546341A Side 1: 1.Little devil 2.Will you love me tomorrow? 3.Because they're young 4.The day the rains came 5.Are you lonesome tonight? 6.A teenager in love

EDP1546341B Side 2: 1.Lipstick on your collar 2.Beyond the sea (La Mer) 3.Sweet nothin's 4.You mean everything to me 5.I love you 6.You got what it takes

EDP1546351A Side 3: 1.My guy 2.All alone am I 3.He's a rebel 4.Move over darling 5.Keep your hands off my baby 6.Remember me 7.Shop around

EDP1546351B Side 4: 1.Walk on by 2.The end of the world 3.It might as well rain until September 4.Baby it's you 5.Please Mr postman 6.It's in his kiss 7.Stay

$(1985) Echoes Of The Duke Calligraph CLGLP 002 ZCLG 002 (cassette) CLGCD 002 (CD)

CLGLP002A Side 1; 1. Take the 'A' train 2. I got nothin' but the blues 3. I got it bad and that ain't good 4. Cross a busy street 5. Just squeeze me 6. I let a song go out of my heart 7. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing

CLGLP002B Side 2: 1. Drop me off in Harlem ain't 2. Do nothing till you hear from me 3. Pritti Nitti 4. Solitude 5. Just a-sittin' and a-rockin' 6. Echoes of the Duke 7. Caravan

$(85) Straight from the heart (by Johnny Logan) Epic EPC 26500 (Cassette 40 26500)
Side 1 Track 4 *Lovin' you
*duet with Johnny Logan

$(1986) 25th Anniversary Album MFP 41 5741 1 41 5741 4 (cassette)

4157411A-2 0-1- Side 1: 1.Walkin' back to happiness 2.Keep away from other girls 3.Basin Street blues 4.*Don't treat me like a child 5.*It's my party 6.Little Miss lonely 7.*She needs company 8.Stop and you will become aware 9.*Something wonderful 10.Tell me what he said

4157411B-30-1- Side 2: 1.*Fever 2.*You don't know 3.*Look who it is 4.St.Louis blues 5.*In my calendar 6.*Let's talk about love 7.*Woe is me 8.*Queen for tonight 9.*Here in your arms 10.The birth of blues

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