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Recorded live at Keswick Convention 1999, this superb video features Helen sharing her remarkable story in word and song, presenting a powerful gospel challenge to both Jew and Gentile alike. Running time: 100 minutes

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Song List:
There is Someone
Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus
He is My Defence
Walking Back to Happiness
and excerpts from others

11.99 plus postage and packing

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Desmond Carrington

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Desmond Carrington SUNDAYS 1300-1500 UK time
Desmond Carrington plays popular music of all types, from light classical to rock and roll, swing band to operatic arias, all taken from his own collection of 80,000 78s, LPs and CDs. Enjoy the view from Scotland from the Webcam.


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HELEN TO STOP TOURING.....Continued....

"Dear All,

Another year gone by and, as you may already know, next year will be my last year of touring.

It's not the easiest of lives on the road, we often get home at 2 or 3 in the morning, and some hotels leave much to be desired when we stay over!

John works very hard securing accomodation for not only ourselves, but also the band, the sound guys, and our roadie Chrissy.

It can become very expensive, organising 10 people's lives on the road. Add to that the cost of petrol, food, etc, and the general wear and tear of just travelling, and you can see why John alone will be happy to turn his attention elsewhere!

At the end of 2002 I will have been in Showbusiness 42 years (give or take a couple of months).

Most of that time I have spent touring and I have to say enough is enough! I'm not getting any younger, and it's good to stop while I can still do it.

I also know that John won't miss having to convince young theatre managers who won't book anyone over 35, to take our shows. Most of the time he succeeds, but it does it take a lot out of him. I'm so grateful to him for all of his incredibly hard work , endurance and care over the years. He has done such a wonderful job of rebuilding my career at the cost of his own.Once we get to 2003, God willing, he will be able to return to his career as an actor and writer. He is working on a play that promises to be hilarious! I will keep on bullying him to finish it. I really want him to have the freedom to use his many creative talents.

2001 has been a fascinating year- it has seen the last Humph'n'Helen shows, a trip to Estepona in Spain, a new baby for Saffron and Ed, and a new baby for Mark and Frederica. We're all thankful that Mark is now fully recovered from his illness.

There was also a trip to Holland to record a T.V show which was a lovely opportunity to meet my Dutch friends. Once again there were stacks of concerts all over the UK, and lots of your smiling faces popping up all over the place! It's always lovely to meet you all at the concerts. You will have noted that John doesn't intend my final year to be quiet! New gigs are coming in all the time so I expect to be at a theatre or concert hall near you sometime during next year...

I know that Gay and John are talking about a get together for Friends Club Members (JOIN HERE-Andrew) and I look forward to that.

As I said in the October Newsletter, who knows what is ahead after 2002. My dearest wish has been to do more Gospel evenings, and other related activities. I'm looking forward to to being able to do this for as long as I am able. I may even record a new album- we'll see! The concert touring can be a treadmill, and I'm getting off!- It's exciting!!

My sincere thanks, as always to Gay and Geoff, they're a smashing couple. Gay is just fantastic. Gay not only produces the Newsletters, but also deals with many other enquiries from people outside The Friends Club. The Club takes an awful lot of her time, I can only record my thanks once again for the marvellous job she does, aided and abetted by the lovely Geoff!!

Katalyst Records! Ah Katalyst Records! Mr Tony "Kat" Dowse and Mr John "Lyst" Williams. Not only am I pleased to still be recording after over 40 years, but theirs is a quality product produced with a lot of love and care-cheers chaps!! A very special kiss and hug for my John for all his love and patience.

2002 promises to be very busy. I now have the best band I've ever had in Sandra, Jeff, Robin, Saffron, and Mark, with their deputies Rob, Martin, Andy and Mike. Also,I don't want to forget the work done by our road manager Chrissy. She does a wonderful job, and is a great help to John, as well as me.

So that's it. look out for one or two new numbers in 'Simply Shapiro' by the way.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season, and many blessings in 2002.

With love, HELEN"



Helen will be retiring from touring at the end of 2002, but will be continuing her Gospel Work.

Brian Matthew announced the news on 'Sounds Of The Sixties' this morning, and played 'Little Miss Lonely'

A Message fron Helen:

"At the end of 2002, I will be retiring from touring. It's a hard life on the road doing concerts, and I will have completed nearly 42 years!!

This doesn't mean that I'm quitting singing altogether. I will be continuing my Gospel work which, as you know, means a great deal to me, and, if something special comes up., that feels right, then I would certainly consider it. There might be the odd Jam Session too!

You will note that I already seem to have a busy year booked next year, and John intends adding more dates. I hope to get to all parts of the UK.

I will give more details shortly....

Love, HELEN"



John Schroeder is now the President of The Friends Club. Check out his letter of acceptance here

Brian Matthew played 'Lipstick on your collar' on 'Sounds Of the Sixties' this morning, and mentioned BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS to HELEN from Gay Wiggins.Listen to Radio 2 Live

Brian has accepted the position of Vice President ....



In this new book published by Henry Buckton as a follow -up to his 2000 book 'Celebrity Snapshots' another group of well-known personalities recall their childhood memories.

Helen remembers being accused of 'Killing Jesus Christ' when she was at school. .

Other contributors include Acker Bilk, Jimmy Savile, Annie Lennox, and Jeffrey Archer!!

The book costs 5 including postage and packing, with 2 being donated to the BBC Children In Need Appeal.

Click here for an order form.



The final Helen and Humph Concert took place at Kingston Maurwood on July 21st. Helen has decided to concentrate on performing with her own band.


Volume One was published last year in aid of the BBC Children In Need Appeal, and raised over 4,000.

This year, Volume Two of this book features a contribution from Helen , more details soon...



The show will be screened on ITV on Saturday at 19:30, featuring youngsters imitating child superstars. Joanna Haden will be singing Helen's 1961 hit Walkin' back to happiness...

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