(2/10/97) At Abbey Road (Reference Cd) NEVER ISSUED COMMERCIALLY

74 PK4742

1.I can't say no to your kiss 2.A dozen other boys 3.*You're my remedy 4.This isn't the way I wanted it to be 5.It's been nice loving you 6.Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma 7.*I'm going out (the same way I came in) 8.Walking back to happiness(master) 9.Walking back to happiness (take 2) 10.Walking back to happiness (take 4 with chat) 11.Kiss & run(master) 12.Kiss & run (take 1) 13.I don't care 14.Sometime yesterday 15.Cry my heart out 16.Tell me what he said 17.Queen for tonight 18.Time & time again 19.I wish I'd never loved you 20.Shop around 21.He knows how to love me 22.*Walking in my dreams 23.Who is she? 24.I want to be happy 25.I believe in love

Tim Chacksfield got in touch for the music copyright/composer/orchestra details from Helen's singles just prior to the Abbey Road release.

The Cd was put together from Studio recordings in the vaults, and sent to Helen for approval. He also sent a copy to me.

Helen decided that 'This isn't the way I wanted it to be', 'It's been nice loving you', and 'Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma' were not suitable to use, as they dated back to the time just after she had the operation on her throat, and she was not happy with her voice at that time.

'Make me belong to you', and 'Stop and you will become aware' were to have been included, until it was discovered that they were not recorded at Abbey Road.


Andrew Earwaker

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