The UK Singles 1966-1969

$=STEREO PS=PICTURE SLEEVE A =also ACETATE D=also DJ COPY *=Track has been released in STEREO on CD

DB=Columbia 7N=Pye SNIX=Pheonix DJS=DJM MAG=Magnet ARISTA=Arista HELEN/OVAL=Oval OG=Old Gold CLGS=Calligraph

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(14-01-66) DB 7810

7XCA 28369-1 Forget about the bad things

7XCA 28370-1 Wait a little longer

(2-12-66) DB 8073

7XCA 27837-1 In my calendar

7XCA 27838-1 Empty house

(10-3-67) Recorded 16-02-67 DB 8148

7XCA 27871-1 Make me belong to you

7XCA 27872-1 The Way of the world

(25-8-67) DB 8256

7XCA 30131-1 She needs company

7XCA 30132-1 STOP and you will become aware

( 13-09-1968) 7N 17600

7N 17600 A-1 G You'll get me loving you

7N17600 B-1 G Silly boy

(21-03-1969) 7N 17714

7N 17714 A-1 G Today has been cancelled

7N 17714 B-1 G Face the music

(18-07-1969) 7N 17785

7N 17785 A-1 G You've guessed

7N 17785 B-1 G Take me for a while


'She needs company' was written by Paul Jones with Helen in mind, and the 'B' side 'STOP and you will become aware' became popular on the Northern Soul Circuit

Versions by other artists:

--This is Earl Okin's version of STOP and you will become aware on CBS 4495 . Okin actually wrote the song.

(1979) Destiny DS 1013

(1979) DS 1013 Destiny

Stop and you will become aware (Helen)

Messin' me around (Carol Kay)

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