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(10-02-1961) 45-DB 4589

7XCA 25476-1N Don't treat me like a child

7XCA 25477-1N When I'm with you

Recorded 16-01-1961 ABBEY ROAD STUDIO 1

New Musical Express 17th February 1961

(23-06-1961) DB 4670 A 10" You don't know 78 RPM WHITE LABLE ACETATE

(23-06-1961) 45-DB 4670 A 10" You don't know 45 RPM ACETATE

(23-06-1961) 45-DB 4670

7XCA 25584-1N You don't know

7XCA 25583 -1N Marvellous lie

Recorded 27-02-1961 ABBEY ROAD STUDIO 2

New Musical Express 30th June 1961 New Musical Express 4th August 1961

'You don't know' topped the UK Singles Chart
for three weeks beginning on 10 August, and
sold over a million copies, earning Helen a gold disc.

(22-09-1961) 45-DB 4715

7XCA 25672 *Walkin' back to happiness

7XCA 25673*Kiss 'n' run

Recorded 28-07-1961 ABBEY ROAD STUDIO 2

New Musical Express 22nd Septembert 1961 New Musical Express 4th August 1961

'Walkin' Back to Happiness' was number one
in the UK for three weeks beginning 19 October,
but only reached number 100 on the US Billboard
Hot 100, Helen's only US chart appearance.
The single sold over a million copies, earning Helen a golden disc.


EMI deleted these singles after two years...

Walkin' back to happiness entered the UK charts on Helen's 15th birthday.

This was also issued as a single in Germany at the beginning of 1962 and just made the top 30, remaining in the German charts for three months.

Walkin' back to happiness- as demand increased, Decca was asked to press copies...note the difference on the press out section.

Walkin' back to happiness single: The black and silver lable version was probably pressed sometime in 1963, when the Columbia Lable switched to this format, and also dropped the 45- suffix.

Don't treat me like a child single: black and silver label again probably pressed sometime in 1963.

The recording appeared on Billboard's "Hot 100" pop music chart for one week at number 100, 9 December 1961.

You don't know was the first UK single to top the Japanese charts

Versions by other artists:

Mein Reklame-Boy (When I'm with you) Peggy Brown Telefunken U 55445 1962

Denk nicht ich wäre noch Kind (Don't treat me like a child): Susan Singer Ariola 45-45 421

Somebody got in touch some time ago, convinced that Helen had recorded a German version, so this is probably where the confusion was...

En Pikkusisko Olekaan (Don't treat me like a child) Monika Aspelund 45-PAR 923 1963.

Tu ne sais pas (You don't know), Je reviens vers le bonheaur (Walkin' back to happiness): Georges Jouvin 7 GF 791 (1962?) - trumpet solos.

Walkin' back to happiness: Georges Jouvin (Voix de son Maitre)

Walkin' back to happiness: Maxim Saury (Pathe)


Many thanks to Stephane Charts

Gillian Hills EP: En dansant le twist. Her 1962 disc included three covers: Les jolis coeurs (Kiss'n'Run), Je reviens vers le bonheur (Walkin’ back to happiness), and Mon cśur est pręt (Don’t treat me like a child) Barclay 70428.

Jean Campbell covered three of Helen's singles on Embassy (sold in Woolworth's): Don't treat me like a child; WB 449; You don't know: WB 459; Walkin' back to happiness: WB 466.
Jean was 34 when she recorded Don't treat me like a child. She was from Glasgow, and had been a member of the Cyril Stapleton band, later achieving pop culture immortality
by singing "Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face with mild green Fairy liquid". (source: BBC Sounds Of The Sixties)

Walkin' back to happiness: Suzie Z 1105 (1969)-Sweden

German and Italian issues

Walkin' back to happiness: Britta Martell (Polydor 24709) (1962)

Walkin' back to happiness: Margie Singleton (Mercury 72124) (1963)

Walkin' back to happiness: Polish version by Helena Majdaniec

S nebyvalou ochotou (Walkin' back to happiness in Czechoslovakian):Marta Kubišová-she copied everything about Helen-her voice, her hair, etc.

Many thanks to Stephane Charts

Side 1 track 2. Povratak sreći (Walkin' back to happiness) Vasilija Radojcic RTB EP-50250 Yugoslavian cover 1963

Walking back to happiness Side 2 track 4. Bob Geldof album: The Vegetarians of Love: PHONOGRAM/MERCURY 846 250-1 (1990 NETHERLANDS)

Helena Majdaniec

Kiss and run: Tommy Roe HMV POP 1174 (1963) -(not the same song) flipside of What makes the blues--written by Roe

You don't know - instrumental by an unknown orchestra in Japan Columbia SA 845

You don't know was the first UK single to top the Japanese charts

You don't know: There were 14 cover versions in France!-Tu Ne Sais Pas:

Dalida Barclay; Richard Anthony; Georges Jouvin; Franck Purcell; Jerry Merngo; Maxim Saury; Guy Laffitte, Richard Anthony.

French EP by Richard Anthony includes a cover version of You don't know

(1961) COLUMBIA ESRF 1334

Side 1 track 2 Tu Ne Sais Pas

Rocky Graziano et sez Punchers did a cover version of You don't know in French on an EP in 1962: Saphir LDP 5054 Side 2 track 1 Tu Ne Sais Pas

Richard Anthony: Let's Twist Again Columbia – FPX 204 (LP).

Side 1 track 3 Tu Ne Sais Pas (You Don't Know) Side 2 track 2 Je Reviens Vers Le Bonheur (Walkin' Back To Happiness)

You don't know (Doe nie zo) Harry Bliek Goodbye Mary Lou/Doe niet zo Imperial HI 1093, Netherlands

Kodomo janai no - Japanese version of Don't treat me like a child and You don't know by Mieko Hirota Toshiba EP: JP-5089

French version of You don't know by Renče Gilbert Decca EP 451.094

Tu ne sais pas - French version of You don't know by Dalida Supraphon SUN 43104

Television version of You don't know by Rita Deneve 1961

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